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Story is the stuff that frames our world: open doors, second guesses, the shadow cast by an image our eyes can't quite discern. Story is how we decipher reality; it is against this backdrop that we define ourselves and those around us; and only through story can we bring a moment to life (whether real or imagined) and share it with an audience. In sum, story is the way we share ourselves. Whether in play or prose, for screen or book, and even before talk of narrative voice, character progression, and dialogue authenticity, until we've found our story we simply have nothing to say.

Derek Ivan Webster likes to help people find their story. With over a decade of experience making his story development skills available to both seasoned and beginning writers, Derek enjoys working with other creative minds and helping good narrative, dialogue and character elements become the stuff of… story.


Acting is the most human of all art forms. Encompassing body, soul, and spirit, utilizing every part of the being, an actor must nurture the love of art itself and make that a contributor to the craft. In this way the study of the Performance Arts can enrich the individual with both confidence and self-awareness. Whether a seasoned professional or beginning actor, if you are looking for help with a special audition or simply wanting to explore your creative side, we are here to share our experiences and watch you grow. Discovering objectives, relationships and choices through improv and scene study we will explore Character Development, Sensory Work and Body Movement. In a safe and nurturing environment, our goal is to arm you with the tools to discover your Authentic Voice.

A thirty-year veteran of the entertainment world, Emily Hope Webster brings her successes, on both sides of the camera, to bear as a workshop, seminar and one-on-one acting instructor. For the craft, for the profession, for the self, Emily will help you find and refine your gift.